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"Once read never forgotten. This is going to be one of my
favorite books of all time. From the first chapter to the last
the author kept me wanting one more page. Sure there are
cats in this book and after 260 pages even I wanted to get
a couple for my family. But this is a story of sweet romance
between a man whose adoration for Alice comes through
on every page. It is a story about an actual auto trip the
couple took with their two cats. Along the way they stop and
meet unusual and interesting people. They take the cats into
restaurants to dine with them. At one place in Austin their
fat cat, Tuffy, jumped onto the bar and knocked the
chicken carbonara into the other diner’s lap. They even went
to my favorite restaurant in New Orleans called Clancy’s. I loved
the part about meeting Jim Carville. My favorite part of this book
is when the author meets Alice for the first time. She had a spy
who thought the author was two timing her. This part actually
made me cry when I found out the truth. And of course there
is the secret. Alice had a big one alright and boy I cannot wait
to find out what happens in the second book. I don’t know if
this book is a romance story or a travel and dining story or an
inspirational story. I guess it is all three and more. My fav
this year".
Ingrid Appleby

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